There is a worn marble step leading into the coffee shop in downtown Bennington, Vermont. It has a dip in the middle, where shoes, salt, snow and conversations have all made their impressions. They have created a groove that I am settling into.

I am trying to describe the sense of history in this town and state. It is as saturated as the greens of summer, the golds of fall and the whites of winter. It permeates. As I walk, ride my bike and drive through miles and miles of trees scattered with people, I can’t help but feel like a visitor with a special pass. You get a feeling of how immense nature is. How fleeting our stay on this earth is.

It puts the recent threats of the past few days into perspective.

I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the dirt is smooth and hardened by hundreds and hundreds of years and thousands upon thousands of feet making their dusty dances. It is the deep red of the sun as it sets atop the mesas. You can hear the voices whispering in the aspen leaves as they twist and turn in the autumn winds.

Nature is not black and white.

It puts any entitlement to this earth in it’s place. We are not the first, nor will be the last.

Nature always wins. It is her house, and we are lucky to be living within it. But until we are evicted by our own means or nature’s, we leave our mark.

Back to that white marble step. As I look at it, I can imagine all of the shoes, boots, feet, raindrops and ice melts that have marked it after being chiseled from the glacial wall.

Every step carries it’s own weight, creates a vibration that is felt and helps to mold our lasting impressions.

Nature, if left alone will take over. Statues will fall, inscriptions worn away by sand and wind. Symbols will break apart and become sticks for a fire.

The marble step will continue to erode.

But until our time is up, I ask everyone the same question: What kind of impression do you want to leave?

Take a step.

Human nature is constantly evolving. See him for what he is.

Because, nature always wins.

©2017 J.L.Jasper All Rights Reserved

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  1. Yes, and the universe always has a way of correcting itself. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Don’t just see him for what he is, react!

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